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No delay or closing today. Had to take the rest of the American Studies midterm. Today was the objective part, not too bad actually...

...Oh my, good old Mr. Rust...I don't even know where to begin, but I bet there are many people who can agree that they are not very happy with him (and some other people) right now. The chorus's were supposed to...key word there, supposed. But uhhh, because of not enough participation we're not going anymore. I'm going to take my own trip. Grr, to Mr.Rust!

Got to spend time after school with Chris <3 We didn't know if we really had musical practice or whatnot so we went doen to Sheetz and then just kinda hung around school until we figured out what was going on. Then he took me home and we hung out here for awhile <3 After he left I had to get ready to go to the Middle School for my softball physical.

Tonight we had Chorus practice, ya know for the Multicultural talent show on Friday. I think ya all should come *wink*

More to come later...
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