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Multicultural Show of Talent

Well last night was the talent show. The chorus part went really well, at least I thought we sounded really good! After the show Linds, Nikki and I decided we were going to stay for a little bit and then go down to Eat N' Park. Linds wanted to see Dave Miller and his crew but they weren't until near the end, and we didn't want to stay that long, so after watching the Greek Dancers we decided to leave and go down to Eat N' Park. We got down there and were just about finished eating when all the little munchkins came in from the Middle School dance...*sigh, I remember those dances and thinking we were the shit when we would walk down to Eat N' Park afterwords* I really don't think we were ever as obnixous as they were last night though. If I had to work there I think I would go crazy. Linds's sister and her friends were supposed to come down, but they decided to be "cool" and go to Subway instead...To tell you the truth, I didn't even know Subway was open that late. After we were done at Eat N' Park we went over to Subway to see what was going on. Linds told her mom thats where she was going to meet her, so she stayed there while I took Nikki home. Just as I was dropping Nikki off my phone rang and it was Linds asking if she left her phone in my car because she couldn't find it anywhere (She was calling from her sister's cellphone). I didn't see it, so I told her to call it again and sure enough it was in my purse...we're not quite sure how it got there.

Today I had to work at 8:30 until 1. It was totally dead at first this morning, because of the lovely snow that we got last night, but then it started to pick back up and got crazy. Talked with Sarah S. a lot today at work. Yay for a new friend!

After work I headed over to Linds's to drop her phone off and then went over to Chris's to go to the mall to get some Valentines Day gifts. Got a little bit of my shopping done. We like split up the mall so we wouldn't run into each other and see what each other was buying. Then we went out to lunch. Spending time with him is just so nice <3 Nothing really planned for tonight...Have to work tomorrow morning at 8:45 *can't wait*
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