Lindsey (hawianbaby05) wrote,

Yesterday I hung out with the one and only Jackie Freyer. We went over to Alies house to take her her cake (we got her a DQ cake because she's is moving to Florida basically as I write this) - Alie we're going to miss you . After visiting Alie we went over to Jen's and hung out for bit. Just as we were getting ready to leave Lauren called and asked if we wanted to go see A Cinderella Story. Okay, so I don't like Hillary Duff too much, but the movie was excellent!! The ending wasnt predictable either.

Senior pics came back today...Out of 12...I only like 2 of mine, but hey I guess that's better then nothing.

Then I went with Chris, Jason and Mandy to see Spider Man 2 at the IMax. It was cool watching it on that kind of screen, but some parts were hard to see cause of the angles. Afterwords Chris and I went to Kings to get something to eat.

Work tomorrow...

PSU - Altoona Friday...
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